To Goody Bag or not too goody bag - Alternate party favors for kids

To Goody Bag or not too goody bag - Alternate party favors for kids

After your 3rd or 4th kid’s birthday party you realize there is a dirty little secret all moms keep – They HATE GOODY BAGS! They hate giving them or having their kids receive them.

We all know it’s a waste of money for cheap toys that will inevitably break, and which will add to the pile of plastic junk in the car or at home that we’ll smuggle into the trash after our kids are sleeping.

For the past three years we’ve NOT been handing out the general “candy + junk toys” goody bags at our kid’s birthday parties. Instead, we’ve been giving functional gifts that are a hit with kids and parents alike.

kids stainless steel cups

Some of the gifts we’ve given for party favors have been products that we’ve designed and produced.  Our Stainless Steel sippy cups have been a hit for two years in a row, so has our bamboo hooded towel, and leak-proof lunch box food containers.

Leak-proof stainless steel lunch box food container

Our friends have now started doing the same for their kid’s birthday parties. I believe that this may have given us the status of trendsetters 😊. Even if this is wishful thinking on our part, it has stemmed the junk kids goodie bags that our kids are now receiving at birthday parties.

So, if you’re wanting to give party favors that aren’t junk, we would highly recommend The Parent Diary products, or these alternate Birthday Party Goody Bags

1. A Beautiful potted succulent

At a friend’s 5th birthday party this weekend, each kid got to plant their own succulent and this was an awesome activity and goody bag alternative.

To Goody Bag or not too goody bag - Alternate party favors

2. A Storybook Surprise

Scholastic offers a large selection of books for all ages at reasonable prices, some as low as 99 cents. Whether it’s Dr. Seuss, Clifford the Big Red Dog or P, you can probably find a book to match any party theme.
To Goody Bag or not too goody bag - Alternate party favors

3. Charitable Children

Let your child choose a charity that appeals to them or that even goes with the party theme. For example, if you’re having a jungle party, it could be the local zoo. Have a card for guests to sign and then send off the card with a donation for what you would have spent on goodie bags. If you must send them home with something, print out stickers on your computer that say “I had fun and made a difference today!”
You can also check out these other charitable organizations that tie into kids Birthday parties: The Confetti FoundationThe Birthday Project,The Pajama Program

To Goody Bag or not too goody bag - Alternate party favors

4. Lego Bags

If a Lego-themed party is in the works, you can easily whip up party favor bags that look like Lego blocks!  Add a few Lego blocks and melt crayons into a silicone lego mold to make your own handmade lego crayons.

To Goody Bag or not too goody bag - Alternate party favors

5. Minecraft Goody Bags

This Minecraft gift bag is great even if your kids don't love Minecraft. Why? Because it proves that even if the objects in your gift bag are pretty average, you can alter their appearance and packaging to fit a new theme. Talk about creative!

MIndcraft goodie bag

6. Hit the Beach

If your kiddo has a summer birthday, load the kids up on everything they need to hit the beach ... or the sandbox. These buckets can be picked up at the dollar store and filled with plastic shovels and other small toys for the sand.

Beack bucket goodie bag party favor

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