‘This Lunchbox is the BOSS’

‘This Lunchbox is the BOSS’

We have worked so hard at The Parent Diary to find the best eco-friendly and socially conscious products that make us a one-stop-shop for like-minded parents. We even took charge to create the world’s first all-silicone lunchbox — and our customers continually rave about it! We developed an entirely silicone lunchbox (both the lid and the container) that can withstand the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher without compromising our eco-conscious values.

Convert from Stainless Steel to Silicone

Plastic is BAD — our customers recognize that the production of plastic leaves a heavy imprint on our earth. Plus, the chemicals in plastic are known to leach into our bodies, particularly when the plastic is heated in the microwave.

Armed with that knowledge, The Parent Diary customers left plastic in the dust long ago. Stainless steel food containers started trending among eco-conscious consumers, but parents found that these types of on-the-go lunch containers were difficult for little hands to open and close, and their kids couldn’t pop it in the microwave for a warmed-up meal. When Ricardo and I began exploring alternatives to stainless steel, we recognized the power of silicone:

  • Easily manipulated, empowering kids to open and close their lunch box without help from an adult
  • SO easy to clean, either by hand or in the dishwasher
  • Sealable, so prevent leaks
  • Safe for the microwave and freezer!

Silicone Quickly Becomes a Customer Favorite

“I loved my stainless-steel containers, but these silicone lunch boxes are my new favorite,” said loyal The Parent Diary customer Erin Takagishi. “When packing healthy lunches are already taking up mind space and energy, these lunch boxes don’t give me a hard time about it and add to my frustration. They work with me, not against me.” Here’s Erin’s reasons why!

  • Flexibility is a bonus: “I can squeeze that extra carrot in there and it says, ‘Sure.’ My sandwich shape is a bit wonky; the box doesn’t judge.”
  •  Easy to clean: “Hummus gets stuck in the tiny crevice; it moves with me to clean it out easily.”
  • Microwave and freezer friendly: “Kids can pull it out of the fridge and nuke their food on their own. Independence, not under-rated!”
  • Aesthetic appeal: “Ticks all the OCD boxes of symmetry.”

Sleek Design with Your Lunch in Mind

Aside from the ‘green’ elements of our silicone lunchbox, we wanted to ensure it was functional as well. We designed the lunchbox with food dividers in various styles, to ensure versatility. Use the diagonal divided box to keep your salad and sandwich separate, or the three-compartment box to comfortably fit a full sandwich, fruit, and a snack.

Final Thoughts

You’re busy, your kids are busy, and packing a healthy lunch is often seen as a chore. The Parent Diary’s silicone lunch box makes it easy to prep lunches and clean up after.

M: Erin, tell us how you really feel.

E: “This lunchbox is the boss. Buy it.”

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