Take That Leap of Faith

Take That Leap of Faith

Every four years, we get an extra day. This feels so magical to me. An extra day to snuggle with my kids; an extra day to work on my business; an extra day to make an impact on the world!
As I relish in the idea of having extra time, I also take this day to reflect on where I was four years ago and where I hope to be four years from now. 

We designed and launched more than a few products in the past 4 years, and we are still super proud of our top eco-friendly products, years later.

Four Years Ago . . . 

Ricardo and I took a massive leap of faith over the last four years. We made the difficult decision to leave big city life, rent out our San Francisco home, and start a more quiet, simple life near Lake Tahoe. We quit our demanding full-time jobs and chose to get closer to the earth for the sake of our family and our burgeoning business, The Parent Diary. 

The Parent Diary Today . . . 

Now that we have the opportunity to concentrate on The Parent Diary full-time, we’ve been able to grow our business in ways that were unimaginable before our life slowed down. Living in the middle of nature, I’ve been able to connect more with the eco-friendly values that The Parent Diary is based upon. I’d be remiss if I didn’t admit that there are some issues with living away from a big city; I always have to make sure I have enough milk (there’s no more same-day front door delivery from other online sites!), and a busy life isn’t as convenient out here. Yet, we learned to slow down, to be present, and plan our to-do list. We were so deep in living this fast-paced life that it was difficult at first to slow down. Changing this mindset took some time, but gave us the courage to be Conscious Consumers and think about what we’re doing rather than simply taking advantage of everything, including the earth.

I’ve been given the gift of reconnecting with how I want The Parent Diary to influence families like mine. I want us to live an eco-conscious lifestyle that is less about stuff and more about us. I am thrilled to be able to deliver this message through The Parent Diary and encourage others to reflect on what’s important to them.

Four Years From Now . . . 

As we continue to grow The Parent Diary, we’re pleased to be close to announcing (sorry, we just can’t say it all right now!) a new line of products that will impact our like-minded customers’ lives just like our revolutionary all-silicone placemat and lunch box did years ago.

So, stay tuned and rest easy knowing a new line of products is coming your way that is good for you and your kids!
In fact, it's so good, you could literally eat it :-)

Our Top Four eco-friendly products created over the past 4 years, designed for parents by parents

Take That Leap of Faith

Bamboo Hooded Towel

Our Luxurious Bamboo Towel with Hood and Towel Attachment


Take That Leap of Faith

Stainless steel cups

Double Wall, Smooth Rim Stainless Steel Cup for Kids


Take That Leap of Faith

silicone plate

Silicone Plate with Food Divider


Take That Leap of Faith

silicone lunch box

First of It's Kind - All-Silicone Lunch Box

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