Re: Congratulate Amanda Pyle for 8 years at Someone Else’s Dream

Re: Congratulate Amanda Pyle for 8 years at Someone Else's Dream

Daily reminders about why I've chosen this path: Today I received my daily LinkedIn Marketing email and it read:
"Congratulate Amanda for 8 YEARS with (name of company withheld). 8 YEARS!!! That's almost a decade wasted.
Now, I cannot judge, because I'm 41 this year and am only now figuring it out. But I cannot waste another year working towards someone else's business idea.  It's like paying rent. Never owning your own property, but paying off someone else's mortgage.  "There's so much of this world I want to see, there's so much of my kids lives I want to be part of, there are so many experiences yet to be experienced with my life partner and daily inspiration husband.
Follow our journey as we learn how to live the life of our dreams.


You are both inspirational. I am watching from a distance, slowly building up my courage.

Cassandra Layman

You are… inspiring, some would say slightly crazy. A little bit of crazy goes a long way to overcome the fear that holds most people back for becoming all they can be.


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