Le Clos de la Barre - Generational Love For This Place And Family

Le Clos de la Barre - Generational Love For This Place And Family

Our first trip to "Le Clos de la Barre" was with a group of friends that decided a road trip from London to France was in order.

We hired a large 10-seater and drove all the way from London to Caen (including a 30 min Eurostar journey, perfect for the refreshment of the alcoholic kind). This trip still remains one of my favorite road trips of all time.

We arrived at Le Clos de la Barre just after 1 pm in the morning. We were surprisingly greeted with French cheese, saucisson de l'Ardeche, french bread, Pâté, and Calvados 44 homemade apple brandy. The Calvados 44 brandy alone was worth the 7-hour journey.

Le Clos de la Barre - Generational Love For This Place And

Why were we treated like 1%'ers when we reach Le Clos de la Barre, you ask?
Well, the answer is simple, this is just how Le Clos de la Barre treats all their guests, and we were friends with the owner's daughter 😊.
A friendship that would last the test of time and one that would see our families meet again and again across continents and countries.

Le Clos de la Barre - Generational Love For This Place And

This time, we were at Le Clos de la Barre as a family, the Collison family. It struck us that we had visited this Bed and Breakfast while still dating, we've brought our parents here on vacation and now we are introducing our kids to this amazing place and family. This is a place where we have shared memories that span generations. We have generational love for this place.!

So what makes "Le Clos de la Barre" so special.

  1. The area is steeped in history and Le Clos de la Barre is right in the middle of all of it i.e. D-Day and the Battle of Normandy. This year was the 75th Anniversary of the battle of Normandy. I consider ourselves fortunate to have been part of this historic event once again this year, it may be the last year that our war veterans that served on this historic day will be alive to tell the tail

    Le Clos de la Barre - Generational Love For This Place And

  2. We introduced the kids to the history of WW2 by visiting Arromanches 360. It’s a circular cinema on the second world war, in the heart of the D-Day beaches near mulberry harbor Arromanches in Normandy.

    Most of us covered WW2 at some point in our education, however, experiencing it via the Arromanches 360 video experience, left the entire family visible emotionally shaken. We had to fend a bunch of questions from the kids after. I would highly recommend a visit to Arromanches 360 if you ever find yourself in Normandy. It’s a history lesson no one should forget.

    Le Clos de la Barre - Generational Love For This Place And

  3. It’s a stone throw away for some of the most historic beaches of in Normandy i.e. Omaha and St Aubin to name a few. We spent quite a lot of time on these beaches with the kids

  4. The food in the area is amazing, not that we had to eat out much as the food that Mr. and Mrs. DelaBarre prepared was 5-star.

  5. But, the thing that makes Le Clos de la Barre so special are the DelaBarre’s, a family that has had such a profound impact on our lives. Mr. and Mrs. DelaBarre inspired us to want a B&B, an inspiration that manifested itself in the form of Airbnb for our San Francisco and Lake Tahoe homes,-  which affords us this amazing opportunity to travel. Our travels too were inspired by the surreal life stories and travel of the Delabarre family, things like where to travel too, the best places to raise a family, and life philosophy etc.

Le Clos de la Barre - Generational Love For This Place And

The Delabarres have lived in and managed some of the best hotels in the world, and served some of the worlds most elite, and yet, they have shown us the same hospitality in their own home. This is something that Michele, I and our family will forever be grateful for.

We don’t know what we have done to deserve this amazing life, the warm welcomes that we continue to receive, or the ability to travel the world and stay with so many friends and family around the world, but whatever it is, I hope that we will long continue to do "it" and that we pass whatever “it” is to our kids.

We have been so blessed by the people that have touched our lives. Our trips to France has as always been memorable, and they always seem to start at Le Clos de la Barre and the Delabarre family.
If you ever find yourself in Normandy looking for a great place to stay,  consider Le Clos de la Barre https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g1389080-d2295779-Reviews-Le_Clos_de_la_Barre-Basly_Calvados_Basse_Normandie_Normandy.html

Le Clos de la Barre - Generational Love For This Place And
PS: Emmanuelle, please try and convince your mom and dad to write their memoirs, oh and so should you!

Thank you Delabarre's, our house will always be open to you and your family.

The Collison family ehotobombed

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