The Collison’s on the Run - Travel lifestyle by design.

The Collison’s on the Run - Travel lifestyle by design.

Two-and-a-bit years ago, we had a decision to make,
1. continue being a slave to the corporate world or,
2. show my “boss” the middle finger for being anything but a good leader.

The fact was, I was burned out due to all the corporate bullshit and political mind games and had a family that I needed to spend more of my time with before it was too late.

We chose option two as anything else would have surely made me go mental on my colleges (even the ones I liked), or put me in an early grave, neither of these options was particularly appealing. And so, began the “Collisonsontherun” story, we started planning our exit out of San Francisco and the long-term escape from the corporate grind.

We rented out our San Francisco home and move to Lake Tahoe for a full year. It was here that we got our first real taste of what it was like to live in one of the most ideal locations in California. A location that gave us access to both great winter skiing, awesome summer swimming and boating on the world’s second largest alpine lake, and where we could hike and bike to our heart's content.  

Most importantly, it gave us the ability to spend more time together as a family than we have ever before. This ideal lifestyle, for us, however, came with a price tag, the kind of price tag that would make anyone's eyes water and heart start palpitating.

Unbeknown to us at the time, and despite the financial uncertainty, our move to Tahoe and the experience we had during the year off changed my / our definition of success - more on this topic later.

Fast forward to today 06/23/19 - we started our two-month summer travel adventure with our kids for this year, an adventure that we plan to replicate every year until the kids no longer want to travel with mom and dad. We hope this travel adventure will leave a lasting impact on them and cause them to be more well-rounded people.
We are also hopeful that the experience will not cause us to want to leave them at some remote border crossing in Europe or any other place in the world - so far, they have been great traveling buddies.

The Collison’s on the Run - Travel lifestyle by design.
Amber - working on her online business while traveling with mom and dad.

Our lifestyle change is the primary reason for this blog, we want to document our adventures, and share our trials and tribulations with other parents that may want to do the same.

PS: Not looking forward to the jet lag tomorrow… will keep you posted on how that worked out for us!

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